What is Dc500?

Dc500 is an eco-friendly microorganisms® solution that is natural and organic and does not contain any harsh chemicals. There are no chemicals, no sticky residues or strains on clothes and eliminates any odor stemming from the hydrocarbon solvent used in modern drying cleaning machines. It also eliminates bad odor from the wash load naturally instead of disguising it.

The effect of Dc500 EM® Activated Solution

  1. Dc500 will naturally break down all types of bacteria and
    odor-causing molecules residing in the hydrocarbon cleaning machine.
  2. Dc500 will remove foul odor from the laundry and improve the cleaning power of the detergent.
  3. If Dc500 is added to the scrub solution for shirt collars, it will remove not only the odor but also effective on heavy soiled area. Directions

For dry cleaning machine:

Step 1: Pre-condition: Charge 2 oz. of Dc500 for every 10 gallons of each tank once.
Step 2: Add 2 oz of Dc500 into a reserve tank for 50 pounds of cleaning machine daily. (Add 3 oz into a water separator or use 1~2 oz per load into a button trap if the reserve tank is not accessible to charge)

Dc500TM can be used for both hydrocarbon machine and perc machines.

For laundry machine:

Add 2 oz. of Dc500 with a normal amount of detergent for 50 lbs load.
For shirt collar and cuff scrub: Mix Dc500 with existing laundry pre-treatment or detergent solution in a ratio of 1 : 100.


  • Store Dc500 at room temperature(70-75F) and away from heat.
  • After opening the product, use the product within 3 months for maximum efficiency.
  • For unopened products, it can be used for up to one year.

How to use DC500

1. To Use as a Pre-conditioner

DC500 should be used as a pre-conditioner for the whole system if:

  • There is any odor in the dry-cleaning machine or
  • The odor persists after dry cleaning

Then, use pour DC500 in the amount equivalent to 0.25% of the load (e.g., 2 ounces per 10 gallons of solvent) in each tank overnight. In most cases, the odor will be eliminated overnight.

1) Pour 2 oz of DC500 per 10 gallons of solvent of dry cleaning machines, whether it needs to be distilled or filtered.
2) Transfer the solvent from the tank to the drum, and release the mixture back into the tank.
3) Apply the same procedure to the rest of the tanks.

  • The same procedure can be used for all types of dry cleaning machines, whether it needs to be distilled or filtered.
  • Refer #2. How to Use on a Daily Basis when using Dc500 every night after dry cleaning.

2. How to Use on a Daily Basis

Use Dc500 daily If the machine is distilled and there is no odor present in the machine. Depending on the weight of laundry, pour the appropriate amount of Dc500 into a clean tank:

  • For 40-60 lb. machines, pour 2-4 oz. per application.
  • For machines that are not distilled, pour half the amount of above into each tank.

3. Special Uses

  • If there is Any Odor from Smoke, Mildew or Animals in Clothes or Area Rugs:

1) Do the laundry after pouring 1 oz. of Dc500 into the drum per 10 lb. of clothes.
2) If the odor still remains, spray Dc500 diluted with water (1:10) onto the clothes. Then the odor should disappear in 2 hours.

  • The Dc500 should be sprinkled on like a mist, so it won’t stain the clothes.

4. For Laundry Machines

At the start of the laundry, add 2 oz. of Dc500 with a normal amount of detergent for 50 lb. load.

  • To scrub shirt collars and cuffs: Rub off the dirt by using a 1:50 mixture of Dc500 to detergent (2 oz. of Dc500 per 1gal. of detergent), soak it for 2 hours, and do the laundry.
  • Lactic Bacteria decompose dirt and make the laundry cleaner and brighter.
  • Dc500 will also clean and disinfect the water sewage when the liquid is drained after laundry.

5. For Other Purposes

Spray the 1:10 mixture of Dc500 to water onto unclean surfaces:
1) It removes odors from toilets, kitchen tabletops, etc.
2) It removes fine dust from carpets.
3) It removes odors from mildew on bathroom tiles or mold from basements.
It is recommended to spray the mixture on like a mist.

If your machine has pungent smells, follow these directions to use DC500 to virtually eliminate the odors!

DC 500 is a special blend of non-toxic effective microorganisms(EM) that are environmentally friendly and have a great purification capability. Some of the notable features of EM are anti-corrosiveness, antioxidant, and anti-ionization for heavy metals, decomposition of polymeric materials, and removal of foul odor.

EM is classified as aerobic(oxygen-loving) and anaerobic(oxygen-hating) microorganisms. Aerobic microorganisms can break down an abundant amount of organic materials very quickly. Their downside is an increase in cleanup costs of all the sludge produced during the growth.

Anaerobic microorganisms do not produce any waste sludge since they break the organic materials into carbon dioxide and water. The drawback is the speed of breakdown of the organic material is quite slow and cannot process abundant amount continuously.

DC500 is a patented blend of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms that creates a symbiotic condition for both. When the aerobic microorganisms reproduce abundantly with the oxygen present in the system, the anaerobic microorganisms thrive in the oxygen-deficient environment of the system.

DC500 also contains 70 to 80% of opportunistic bacteria that maintain their naturality until a potent group of bacteria influences their growth. Therefore, DC500 must be administered after cleaning the machine as soon as any fish smell or foul odor is present in the load or around the machine.

Actinomycetes that produce antimicrobial substances that control the growth of pathogens. They consume chitin which is essential for the harmful bacteria inside the machine or load that cause foul odors. The elimination of the main food source for the harmful bacteria to control their growth is the main function of the effective microorganisms(EM).

How to Eliminate Foul Odors

1. First check sweaters or thick coats for any foul odor. If a fish smell is present, use DC500 about 2 oz (for 40 lb machine). EVERY LOAD by administering it in the BUTTON TRAP of the machine. The smell will be eliminated after one to two days.

2. Then, check the load and inside the machine for additional foul odor. If a strong foot odor is present, use the distillation system (cooking tank) to clean all available solvents in each base tank (do the same for all base tanks) and clean the entire washing system.

3. After the first and the second steps are completed, administer 2 oz of DC500 into the button trap and circulate the cleaning system with the solvent in the first tank. Do the same procedure with the second and third tank if applicable.

4. Administer 2 oz of DC500 into the water separator.

5. After completing all steps above, do not use the machine for one day in order to activate the EM before cleaning as usual.

6. Even if the foul odor has been eliminated completely, continue to use 2 oz of DC500 after every load for two additional weeks.

7. After two weeks of continuous use, administer 2 oz of DC500 after each load just once a week. The foul odor from bacteria will be gone!