BT500 – Boiler Treatment

What is BT500?

Bt500 uses EM as a raw material with a pH 3.5 weak acid in the environment-friendly product that does not contain harsh hydrochloric or sulfuric acid. Therefore, it does not damage the pipes and joints of the boiler. It also removes scales, rust, lime, water-stain, sticky residue from the boiler to maintain its cleanness and maximum efficiency.

What is EM®?

EM® creates antioxidants through an effectuation process among the various micro-organisms’ complex symbiotic co-existence. These antioxidants have powerful abilities to restore and revive environment subjected to spoilage and pollution.

EM® Boiler Treatment is the non-toxic, eco-friendly product for the boiler that extends the life of the boiler and renews a new life to our earth and is the best hope for the 21st century.

The Effect of Bt500

Scale removal: It safely removes scale inside the boiler pipes.

What is scale barrier?

Minerals (calcium, magnesium, silica, etc.) that are entrapped with water get attached and form scale on the inner walls of the pipes. They are the main source of degradation of boiler performance and overheating.

Boiler noise reduction: Bt500 removes scale and rust in the pipes for clean and smooth water circulation and reduces the noise during the normal boiler operation.

Corrosion resistance and internal pressure reduction: Bt500 resists the formation of carbon dioxide within the boiler to prevent corrosion in the pipes and enhances water circulation and thermal conductivity in the boiler. Therefore, it prevents premature breakage of the pipe, as well as reduces the internal pressure of the boiler.

Fuel cost savings: By lowering the internal pressure of the boiler, Bt500 reduces the fuel consumption and prolongs the life of the boiler that adds up to be a substantial cost saving.

Removal of various odors from the boiler: Bt500 eliminates foul odor from the boiler by decomposing odor causing bacteria and other elements from their source.

Directions to use Bt500

  • For a standard 10 HP boiler, add 2 oz. of Bt500 into return tank everyday.
    Wait until all Bt500 precipitates and proceed the blow down process. (Add 1 oz. for 5 HP)
  • In case of scale buildup, repeat the process for two to three times.
  • After the cap of the bottle is opened, it is natural to form white sediment. If the product causes foul odor after a prolonged storage on the shelves, stop using the product and replace with the new one.


  • Store Bt500 at room temperature(70-75F) and away from heat.
  • After opening the product, use the product within 3 months for maximum efficiency.
  • For unopened products, it can be used for up to one year.